Trinkets and Such

When we're not shoeing horses, we sometimes like to make different things out of metal (and sometimes, other materials).  As we do, we'll offer them up for sale on this page!  Some will make sense, other will look cool, some won't have anything to do with horses at all!  After all, we have hobbies too!

Wizard Head Coat Hook

So, I've probably missed the Harry Potter craze with this one, but here we have a coat hook thats forged to look like a wizard! They're $25 plus $5 shipping.  Please allow a couple of weeks for delivery.  Each is unique.  Hey, who doesn't want to hang their jacket on a wizards beard?!

$25 plus $5 Shipping

Made to Order, allow Time for Shipping. Purchase Below!!

Olive Wooly Buggers, Bass Size, Bead Head

So, when I'm not at work, I'm really big into fly fishing.  It's been a cold winter, and I've spent some time at the tying vise.  So, I thought I'd offer up some Bass Sized Olive Wooly Buggers!  They'll be $2/each, and shipping will be flat rate of $5, so buying 1 wouldn't make sense!

Made to Order. Allow 1-2 weeks for Shipping! Order Below!!