We operate a full service farrier shop on wheels and service all breeds and disciplines.  While our passion is for performance horses of the warmblood persuasion, a large portion of clientele present in the form of owner's who's horses have had long term, unresolved lamenesses.  We have a great working relationship with most veterinarians in the area, and appointments can be made via South Shore Equine Clinic to have both the shoeing and lameness evaluation done at the their state of the art facility in Plympton, Ma!

We've had great success in treating/managing laminitis, sole bruises, abscesses, navicular syndrome, tendon and ligament injuries, hoof cracks, sheared heels, pedal osteitis, white line disease, and rotational/angular deformities.  We've unfortunately seen more than our fair share of canker, and have had tremendous success in its treatment as well.

As a graduate of Cornell University's Farrier Course, working in a clinical setting, we love to see radiographs, ultrasounds, MRI results, etc.  We also enjoy working WITH your vet to come up with best shoeing modality possible.

It is our mission to do what is best for your horse, and to satisfy your performance expectations to the best of our abilities!