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Various Farriers Around the World

Some will amaze, other's will shock!

Amazing Use of Toeing Knife to Trim

Grant Moon doing what he does best!

Next time you think you’re farrier isn’t doing a good job. Remember, this is how some people do it!

My YouTube Videos

Hope you like them!

Handmade Hind Shoe

Hoof Knife Sharpening

Forging a Heartbar (frog support)

Onion Shoe Modification

Forge Welding Steel with Propane

Cross Pein Clips

Forge Welding (brazing) Aluminum, part 1

Forge Welding (brazing) Aluminum, part 2

Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF hons.

The best there is!

Bar Shoe Application

Lily Pad Application

Evaluating Deviations

Anatomy of Hoof

Anatomy 2

Anatomy 3


AlumaPhobe 2